My polar poem

This weather, it seems,
conjures polar extremes
to my mind–

First the great polar bear,
I envy his hair–
how warm he must be
to plunge into the sea
with no fear of cold air!

PolarBearSwim11 (2)

Warmer memories, for me,
are the times I would be
cuddled close with my Joe,
as Christmas came close
on a ride we would go!


Our minds opened wide
as this train we did ride,
my grandson and I,
whispered, “We believe,”
all to hear the bell’s chime.

But now, horror of horrors,
a new term I’ve learned–
polar vortex, it’s termed,
and springtime is spurned
as the ice is upon us.

I look out my window
at skies solid gray,
not a hint of sun’s ray
at the end of the day,
and cold winds start to blow.


Icy sleet unrelenting,
then lightning so bright,
with thunder that follows
punctuating the night
with its rumbling.


Lightning with rainstorms
we see often enough,
even snow thunder rarely,
but sleet thunder, really?
What meaning? we wonder.

Global warming, you say?
Climate change,
here to stay?
Winter, please go away–
I am pleading!

Yes, horror of horrors,
polar vortex is here!
What a weird weather year
we are living!